Yoga, Barre & Fun!

We offer Yoga and Barre classes at the Dharma Connection to to help students develop stillness of mind, stamina, strength, and flexibility. A regular yoga practice tones the body, improves mental focus, eases the spirit creating better overall health. On a deeper level, yoga is a path for transformation of life, where the yoga mat becomes the world and the skills that you learn in class translate to everyday situations. Whether you are a beginning or an experienced student, seeking a gentle or vigorous practice, we offer classes to move you along your path. Teachers here take a personal interest in you and support your progress with individualized instruction and hands-on guidance. We are offer a no-pressure atmosphere where regular people can take yoga and barre classes.


Yoga Anxiety

Prenatal Yoga
6 Week Session Starts Feb 23rd
Wednesday's 4:30 - 5:30
Facilitator: Donna Pagliarani
$99 for 6 Week Session

A class designed exclusively for the expectant mom!

In this class you’ll strengthen all of the muscles needed for a successful pregnancy and childbirth. Linking yoga postures with breath will lead you to new discoveries that bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit, while helping you to connect with the spirit of your baby. We’ll combine standing postures, with stretching and breathing techniques to create a fun and dynamic flow that ends in a relaxing guided meditation.

beach yoga

Reiki- Level 2
w/Sheree Asdot

December 12th
12  - 6 pm

Cost: $125, Includes manual

Reiki II Training (1 day) ~ with Sheree Asdot: Training includes the Reiki attunement that reopens the healing channels. Learn the history of Reiki, hand positions and give and receive a full Reiki Healing Session. With the Reiki attunement you will leave with the ability to channel Reiki. You will be permanently aligned to begin healing yourself and others including people, animals, plants and more. Manual and certificate included.

Cora Wen

Beginners Yoga Series 
March 2nd - April 6th
Thursday's at 4:30 - 5:30
Cost: $99 for the 6 Week Series

Beginners Yoga 6 Week Series
Come learn the basics of yoga in a safe, supportive environment. This is a smaller class size and you'll learn new concepts each week so that you'll feel comfortable attending open group classes.
You'll learn how to modify poses, use props, and how to breath to relieve stress.
Week 1: Pranayama (breath work) & Yoga Definition
Week 2: Bandhas (locks) & meditation
Week 3: Standing Warrior Poses with Modifications
Week 4: Seated Postures & Twists
Week 5: Forward Folds & Backbends
Week 6: Sun Salutations & how to modify