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We offer Yoga and Barre classes at the Dharma Connection to to help students develop stillness of mind, stamina, strength, and flexibility. A regular yoga practice tones the body, improves mental focus, eases the spirit creating better overall health. On a deeper level, yoga is a path for transformation of life, where the yoga mat becomes the world and the skills that you learn in class translate to everyday situations. Whether you are a beginning or an experienced student, seeking a gentle or vigorous practice, we offer classes to move you along your path. Teachers here take a personal interest in you and support your progress with individualized instruction and hands-on guidance. We are offer a no-pressure atmosphere where regular people can take yoga and barre classes.


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Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hour Teacher Training Starts in September!

We are starting the next session of Teacher Training on September 19th    Flexible Schedules and Payment Plans available.
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Total Barre® Instructor Foundation Course - Level 1

w/Sheri Aggarwal

September 26th
10 am - 6 pm

Cost: $375, plus the cost of the manual

DON'T MISS OUT! First come first served...

The 7 hour, one-day Total Barre Foundation Course provides the groundwork for Instructors to produce safe, effective and varied barre programs that address the needs and goals of every client. Participants are introduced to the Total Barre Principles – six movement awareness fundamentals that provide the structure and biomechanical basis for each exercise. During the course, participants have the opportunity to experience the movements before examining the application of the principles, and learn the essence of each exercise along with the theories of dynamic stability, optimal mobility and movement efficiency.

Cora Wen

Restorative Yoga for Emotional Stability Teacher Training
Facilitator: Cora Wen
October 2nd - 4th  (Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday)

Restorative Yoga is a practice that has a special ability to leave us feeling deeply nourished and rested.  It is an exploration of the art of relaxation through creating poses with props to help guide us towards activating our sympathetic nervous system or the body’s relaxation response.  This intelligent and accessible style of yoga is rooted in the Iyengar yoga tradition and has become a practice being studied by many universities for its therapeutic benefits.  In this special intensive, we will explore how Restorative Yoga can be used to support our emotional health.  Modern day stress is quickly becoming an epidemic health issue which greatly impacts our physical, mental and emotional wellness.  A Restorative Yoga practice can help support managing emotions such as anxiety, depression or the experience of grief.   This workshop will focus on educating the practitioner/teacher on Eastern & Western views of each emotion, how emotional states present in the physical/subtle bodies & how to use props to enhance poses that may be supportive for each emotional state.